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Child Custody

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Most parents are fearful of the effect their divorce will have on their children. Their desire is to keep the children in as stable a situation as possible. In some cases, parents have already agreed upon which spouse will be the custodial parent. The custodial parent will take care of housing and making most of the legal decisions regarding the children. Oftentimes, however, custody can not be agreed upon and the courts must now get involved. Seeking legal counsel as early as possible can help you get your bearings in this type of highly contentious situation and better help you make more objective decisions. In Texas, custody is a general term used for what is legally known as conservatorship. There are three basic types of conservatorship. Sole Managing Conservatorship – This gives one parent over the other sole responsibility for matters such as religious upbringing, health, and education issues. Sole Managing Conservatorship goes hand in hand with Sole Possessory Conservatorship. Sole Possessory Conservatorship – This is the counterpart to Sole Managing Conservatorship. The parent awarded visitation rights is given what is known as possessory conservatorship, meaning the parent can make decisions for the child only while the child is in their possession. Otherwise the possessory conservator has little say over the child’s affairs. Joint Managing Conservatorship – This is by far the most common conservatorship awarded since its inception. It is an attempt to make a fairer means of parental responsibility sharing. Although the name “joint managing conservatorship” implies equal responsibilities, the courts in fact spell out specifically the responsibilities of each parent in the conservatorship. One parent is given the right to establish residence for the child known as primary possession. There are many specific points to each type of conservatorship that need to be considered when making the decision of custody for your children. It is important to discuss the types of custody in detail with a caring and skilled child custody attorney. My law practice is dedicated to helping clients find their way out of a seemingly dark pit. I strive to help my clients see their ending relationship not as a disaster, but rather a new chapter beginning in their lives. If you are ready to make a fresh start, give me a call right away.

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