The Two Bottle Cap Rule

Of course, the safest course is never to drive after drinking any amount of alcohol, have a designated driver, call a taxi, or just spend the night. However, realistically sometimes people will choose to drive after drinking, which is never the best choice, but if you make that choice at least learn to monitor the amount that you drink.

An easy way to monitor your alcohol consumption is my two bottle cap rule. Here is how it works. Note the time when you start drinking. For each drink you have place either the pull tab off the beer or the stir stick from you drink in your pocket. After one hour you remove one tab or stick from your pocket and throw it away. At the end of each additional hour throw one more tab or stick away. If at the end of the evening you find more than two tabs or sticks in your pocket it is very likely you have had too much to drink to drive safely. At that point either find another way to get home or quit drinking and sober up.

The only way to sober up is time. Drinking coffee simply makes a wide awake drunk. A cold shower only makes a cold drunk. A taxi is much cheaper than spending the night in jail and facing a DWI.

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